Western Global Tanks and Bowsers

Western Global ABBI tank
MPM Specialist Vehicles has a long standing trading relationship with Western Global.

Western Global provide a “one-stop-shop” for your “environmental containment” requirements – static fuel storage tanks for generator and refuelling stations, fuel bowsers & water bowsers and water tanks, drum & IBC storage & handling, spill kits, dust control & much, much more!

Our fully enclosed, fuel tanks comply with and in most cases, exceed current (and future) environmental regulations.

Western’s products are designed, built and tested to the relevant fuel storage and transport regulations such as:

  • UN
  • ADR
  • PPG2
  • BS799

The Western Global organisation is also accredited to:

  • ISO 14001:2004
  • BS QHSAS 18001:2007  and
  • ISO 9001:2008

assuring you of a high standard of environmental supply and management systems.

Western Global – Bunded Fuel Tanks

Bunded Fuel Tanks

Western Global produce a wide range of Static Bunded Fuel Tanks, ranging from 500 litres to 60,000 litre capacity.

All tanks meet the most recent regulations for the storage of fuel. Tanks are suitable for generator feed tanks, or refuelling tanks, and many other applications.

Western Global – Bunded Fuel Bowsers

Fuel Bowsers

Western Global produce a wide range of Bunded Fuel Bowsers ranging from 100 litres up to 2,000 litres.

All Tanks meet the most recent regulations for the transportation and storage of fuel. Bowsers can be skid mounted, site tow or Highway approved.

Western Global – Water Bowsers

Water Bowsers

Western design and build a wide range of Water Bowsers ranging from 150 litres to 2600 litres capacity.

The tanks can be completed as standard Water Bowsers, Drinking Water Bowsers, Plant Waterers, Dust Suppression Units or Mobile Pressure Washers.

Western Global – Hazardous Products

Storage and Handling of Hazardous Products

Western Global provide a wide range of Storage and Handling Equipment for Hazardous Products.

All these products are designed and meet the Highest Regulations.