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Terberg Shunters – Introducing the Terberg YT-Series shunter tractor

Terberg products are manufactured in Holland where the Terberg family have owned and operated a manufacturing plant for over 140 years.

Terberg Benshop build Terminal tractors and RoRo tractors tailored for the transport of trailers in ports, logistics and distribution industry.

Distribution Tractors / Shunters

Terberg YT Yard Tractors (4×2) are used as shunters (tugs) at many distribution centres where they have proven themselves to be much more appropriate for trailer shunting than conventional road tractors.

YT tractors have a lifting fifth wheel which saves time as trailers can be shunted without raising and lowering the landing legs. The optimised driveline and gearbox ensure a high reliability and fuel efficiency – essential in these applications. The comfortable cab and good visibility ensure that your drivers can work comfortably and safely.

The Terberg YT182/182DT/222 series Yard Tractors are designed for moving trailers in distribution centres, transport depots, container terminals and airports.

The spacious and comfortable driver’s cab offers excellent visibility and has an inboard door for safety and convenience.

YT tractors have a fixed, forward-facing seat. If your application requires extensive reversing you may consider the TT series which features a 180° swivelling seat.

Terberg Shunters – Terminal / RT RoRo Tractors

Terberg RT RoRo tractors (4×4 drive) are widely used by major port operators worldwide. Their key reasons for choosing Terberg tractors are always the reliability and the low cost of ownership resulting from the high fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Port operators with heavy RoRo cargo also appreciate the SafeNeck, which considerably increases safety when hauling heavy loads on steep ship’s ramps.

Terberg has secured a leading position in the RoRo-tractor market. Our robust and well-designed tractors have been used in ports around the world for many years. RoRo operations are widely used in European and African ports. We have solutions for every load, ramp and tractor connection, ensuring safe and efficient cargo handling.