Tuffa Plastic Tanks

Tuffa Plastic Tanks – for all your liquid storage needs…

MPM Specialist Vehicles represent Tuffa UK who lead the way in plastic tank design and manufacturing.

Tuffa provide innovative, safe and reliable plastic tank solutions for:

  • Diesel,
  • AdBlue,
  • Chemicals,
  • De-Icer,
  • Anti-freeze,
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • and more…

All tanks – whether it’s a water tank or a fuel tank – are manufactured to the latest ISO, EN and DIN standards. Tuffa Tanks offer custom–made plastic tank options for any type of liquid storage.

Tuffa UK Plastic Fuel Tank
Tuffa Tanks are designed in the interest of pollution control. They comply with Environmental Agency Guidelines, and are manufactured to the new European Standards, and depending on the application, Building Regulations. The Fire Protection range of tanks has Local Authority Building Control (LABC) system approval for domestic and non domestic applications up to 60,000 litres with up to 2 hour Fire Protection.